Company History

Business Development Services Ltd is a private limited company. It has been incorporated on 2006. Before the incorporation BDS worked in the name of Credit and Business Development Services (CBDS) from 2002. The then proprietor of CBDS and the existing Managing Director of BDS is the same person.

  • 2002

    Birth of the Venture

    Birth of the Venture Pioneered business by the hand of Entrepreneur Mr. Mahmud Ali as a proprietorship business with the name of CBDS. The venture addressed in Motijheel.

  • 2006

    Renaming & Incorporation

    Renaming & Incorporation Incorporated in BCDS as a succession of CBDS from enormous support from clients of different sector. The office shifted to Purana Paltan.

  • 2018


    Rebranding BDS as a succession of BCDS from enormous support from client of different sector .

  • present

    Growth & Diversification

    Growth & Diversification Diversified services, pounded emphasis on fund arrangement from venture capital, merchant banks and IPO and promoted eco-friendly projects. Added and subtracted different services and the office shifted to Banani.